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In 2003, in a small shop of 20m^2, Yang Soo Metals started with the desire to become a 100 year company, hidden champion in the world.

With the belief that “what the customer wants is what I do”, we are committed to the development of industries ranging from steel product supply, processing services, steel structure manufacturing, seismic poduct development, and seismic design software for fire-pipe to industrial development with the belief that We struggle to develop and innovate to make society safer and beautiful from the dangers of fire and industrial accidents.

The steel industry, especially stainless steel, is used as raw materials and facilities in all industrial fields such as petrochemical, plant, automobile, construction, shipbuilding, marine and semiconductor industries.
Its global usage is steadily increasing as a key basic material.

Yang Soo Metal is capable of supplying all products from steel and stainless steel primary products to piping materials, as well as processing and manufacturing systems

To save our customers time and money, we have developed and improved Global Network and On-Stop Solution system. We will continue to work on it.

In 2016, Gyeongju earthquake has spread the perception that the Korean Peninsula is not a safe zone from earthquakes either. Then, The seismic coverage of building is expanded and the earthquake-resistant design regulations are also reinforced.
In particular, the demand for research and development in seismic for fire-piping has increased.

With a new mission called ‘Easy Seismic’, we will continue our efforts to make the society safe and beautiful by reducing the risk of earthquakes by developing products which are easy to install and software for automatic seismic design.

Thank you.

The world is safe and beautiful


"The world is safe and beautiful"

We contribute to the development of the industry and to making the world safe and beautiful from the dangers of earthquakes, fire, and industrial accidents.


"No.1 Earthquake Safety Platform"

‘Seismic safety’ includes products and services to reduce all risks, including earthquakes, fire and industrial accidents. ‘No.1’ is the goal of developing business in the world as well as in the world and continuously growing and challenging. ‘Platform’ is open innovation and open market to provide valuable and useful information, It means a method of maximizing value that is gathered, fused, created and traded.


S (Study & Research)
Let’S Study And Study Steadily!

T (Thanks Customer)
All Standards Are Customer Impressed!

S (Specialized In My Business)
Become An Expert In Your Field!

Global Networks

YSM manages import-exports and triangular trade of stainless steel products of domestic and overseas manufactures.

YSM deals stainless steel products made by POSCO, Hyundai BNG Steel, SeAh Steel, Sungwon, LS Metal, Usteel, Viraj Profies, Kobe Steel, NSSMC, Outokumpu, TISCO, JISCO and others.


Korea Fire Equipment Inspection Corporation certificate

Korea Fire Equipment Inspection Corporation certificate

Korea Fire Equipment Inspection Corporation Test Report


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Management innovation business certificate

기업부설연구소 인정서

KFI 시험성적서

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Quality management systems certificate

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Ministry of Knowledge Economy

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Small and medium Business Corporation

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